Business Security Holiday Tips

Minimise the amount of cash and stock held in your business premises on days where it will be unattended.


Try to bank as much cash as possible before banks close for the public holidays.


If your business is closing down for an extended period over the holidays, try to visit it regularly to collect mail and pamphlets, check for any signs of disturbance and maintain a presence.


If you are going on holidays, ask an employee or neighbour to do this for you or arrange for mobile patrols of your premises.


Test your security and fire alarms before you go on holidays and double check that all windows and doors have been secured.


Let your security company know what your trading hours will be over the Easter break.Review your business insurance and make sure any changes such as new equipment, vehicles or premises are up to date with your insurer.


You should make sure your insurance covers the true replacement costs of your business assets, rather than just their value.


Clean up your business before you go on holidays - clear out gutters, ensure that loose objects are removed from outdoor areas and take away all rubbish. This will help minimise damage if there is a storm or fire.


Unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances to avoid a power surge or even a fire.


Restaurants and cafes that are going to open over Easter need to make sure that produce is kept fresh. Do a maintenance check of your equipment and cool rooms to avoid additional stress during this busy period.


Consider including business interruption insurance which is designed to cover loss of gross profit or gross rentals if your business was disrupted as a result of an insured event