Protecting your home of this Easter Break

The biggest concern for all holiday makers is returning to find that their house has been ransacked. Here are some holiday home security tips that may help prevent your property being targeted by thieves.


Outside Holiday Home Security Tips:


Mail: Have a friend or neighbours empty your letterbox. You don't want to advertise that nobody is home with junk mail overflowing from your letterbox.


Regular mail can be held at the post office for you or redirected to a family member.


Milk and Newspapers: Don't forget to cancel your milk and newspaper home delivery service while you are away.


Garbage Day: Have someone take out your wheelie bin on garbage day just like you normally do when you're home.


Garden: Arrange to have your lawns mowed if you are going to be away for more than a fortnight.


You want to give the appearance that someone is living at the residence.


Driveway: Ask a neighbour to park their car or your car in the driveway at night.



Inside Holiday Home Security Tips:


Make sure that you have locked up your home. Funny enough, you would be surprised by how many people leave a window open and unlocked before they head off on their holiday.


If you have timers for lights and other electric appliances like your television, then set them to be on at the time you're normally home.


Turn your phone down. You don't want an unanswered call to just keep ringing and ringing while you're giving the impression that people are home.




Do Not leave the spare key under the mat, in your letterbox or in that "secret" hiding place under the pot plant.


Do Not leave messages on your answering machine telling callers that you are away on holiday and won't be back until...