Theft Prevention

Retail theft costs businesses thousands if not millions of dollars every year. Making theft prevention an essential part of business operations. Here are just a few common tips that you may consider applying to your business that have proven successful in the reduction of theft.  


Security Cameras


Installing security cameras that are in plain view can be effective to deter theifs. This anti-theft measure makes the offender feel they are being watched and they will be less likely to commit theft.


Entrance and Exit


Set your store up in a way that there is only one entrance and one exit. If your current store has multiple entrances or exits, block off all but one of each. Do not give thieves multiple escape routes.


Locked Cases


Locked cases are great for storing more expensive items and will lower the probability that these items will be stolen. In most retail stores, theft is almost inevitable so it important you protect your most expensive goods.


Multiple Employees


Often by hiring more employees it is worth the cost, as they not only provide a deterance against theft but can serve additional customers and increase the level of service.  In addition a large part of retail theft can be internal so make sure you have at least two employees on staff, especially during cashing up times opening and closing